Miami Dolphins Mount Rushmore – Miami Dolphins News

Miami Dolphins Mount Rushmore – Miami Dolphins News

The Miami Dolphins last week asked “who would be on your Miami Dolphins Mount Rushmore and why?” Our staff answered that question.

Honestly it’s not a very tough decision. Dan Marino and Don Shula are both no-brainer’s. Larry Csonka is as well. With Jason Taylor being inducted into the Hall of Fame this August, it’s pretty safe to say he deserves a spot on the mountain.

And there are your four. Case closed and done. But that doesn’t seem to be the case as our staff have some differing opinions. While most agree on two or three, there are some choices that might surprise.

Eric Frosbutter

  • Marino – You know why.
  • Csonka – One of the most punishing runners to play the game.
  • Shula –  Coaching winning teams over the span of multiple decades? Shula is one of few coaches on that list.
  • Zach Thomas – Greatest LB in team history. One of the most tenacious individuals to play the…

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