Marshall shouldn’t have trusted Boston media – New York Giants News

Marshall shouldn’t have trusted Boston media – New York Giants News

The only mistake receiver Brandon Marshall made last week was accepting the WEEI interview.

The New York Giants receiver was pressed about racism in a morning interview on the “Kirk and Callahan” show last week.  This sequence made national headlines because Marshall walked out of the interview and spilled some coffee.

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Of course, the Kirk and Callahan had an agenda. Their questions were not really about racism. Instead, the questions were a set-up about how to re-ignite the Tom Brady suspension argument.

Boston-types are still steamed that their cheating quarterback was sacked by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. With summer dead period before training camp, why not boost ratings by beating that dead horse.

Giants WR Brandon Marshall gets angry with Kirk and Callahan; Walks off show

Posted by WEEI Sports Radio Network on Thursday, July 13, 2017

In essence, racism questions to Marshall were simply a trojan horse to get to the “real” topic: golden boy Tom Brady.

It also doesn’t hurt that the New England Patriots were knocked not once, but twice, by the New York Giants in the big game. The only Deflate-gate controversy in the Big Apple surrounds the Pats “non-perfect” season back in 2007.

Did I mention that New England lost to the New York Giants, twice?

It’s more reason to hate on a New York Giants player. Take a look at their homepage, are these guys really journalists?

Marshall walks out on Kirk and Callahan

After fair warning to Kirk and Callahan, Marshall walked out of the interview.

According to GiantsWire:

“Are we done with this interview?” asked Marshall. “Can…

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