It’s Time for the Miami Dolphins to Make Miami a Football Town Again – Miami Dolphins News

It’s Time for the Miami Dolphins to Make Miami a Football Town Again – Miami Dolphins News

Monday, July 17, 2017 at 8:30 a.m.

With Miami Dolphins Training Camp just a few days away, it’s time for South Florida to pay attention to a new-and-improved team that is doing big things in Davie. On July 27, the Dolphins officially start a season that brings with more promise than any in recent memory. The Fins are ripe to legitimately contend not only in the AFC East but for a Super Bowl. Scoff all you want — it’s true. In the NFL, every year a team makes the jump from mediocrity to the Super Bowl. That team that takes the next step could be the Dolphins. All the ingredients are there.

In fact, Miami’s football team is ready to ready to finally flip the script on Heat fans this fall and once again make this a football town where everything NFL dwarfs the next most important thing. It’s been a while since Miami was an NFL city first and foremost, but it feels close to happening. The door is cracked and the Dolphins can swing it open with a great season.

Let’s be real: Football has always been Miami’s first love. The Dolphins and the City of Miami may have lost that loving feeling, but it’s high-time they rekindled their affair. Sundays used to bring goosebumps and butterflies that started percolating on Friday after you got off work. From the undefeated 1972 team all the way until the early 2000’s, Miami cared about pigskin. Shaquille O’Neal changed that. Dwyane Wade changed that. LeBron James definitely changed that. With all of those players long gone, Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins have a solid chance to change things back to the way they used to…

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