In new deal, Ravens to enter ‘mixed reality’ with holographic players – Baltimroe Ravens News

In new deal, Ravens to enter ‘mixed reality’ with holographic players – Baltimroe Ravens News

An animated, life-size, 3-D image of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger appears in an otherwise vacant office space in Towson with bare walls and a concrete floor.

Visible only through a special lens, he is surrounded by his teammates in their familiar white, black and gold on a “field” with hash marks and a game clock.

“Right now, what you are seeing is a holographic football team coming at you and getting into their formation,” says Jim Pietila, CEO of Mixed River. The Towson tech startup has developed an interactive program for the Ravens and is seeking to push immersive, off-the-field preparation to new levels.

Mixed River, founded late last year, offers not virtual reality but “mixed reality,” which means the real world intersects with images or data – in this case, holographic players.

Mixed River, whose co-founder, Carlson Bull, has a background in animation, meticulously created images of the Ravens as well as the Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals, Miami Dolphins and other teams on the Ravens’ 2017 schedule.

“You can see Roethlisberger and everybody over here to the left,” Pietila says, pointing to large figures that don’t exist. “Antonio Brown is right here.”

“The next thing is to have Antonio Brown coming at us at game speed.”

Perpetually seeking an edge, the Ravens, who open training camp July 26, and the 31 other NFL teams compete not only for top players and coaches, but also for the best emerging technology.

Just as they are free to develop their own strength and conditioning…

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