Houston Texans’ Braxton Miller is a “superhero” – Houston Texans News

Houston Texans’ Braxton Miller is a “superhero” – Houston Texans News

Can Braxton Miller be a superhero for the Houston Texans in 2017?

With Houston Texans’ training camp kicking off in about 10 days, one player everyone will have their eyes on is second-year wide receiver Braxton Miller.

Miller of course was just selected in the third round of the 2016 NFL Draft and is expected to add another dimension to the Texans’ offense this coming season after a below average rookie campaign.

One person who is very high on Miller is quarterback expert George Whitfield, who has worked with some of the top signal-callers in the NFL.

Whitfield even went as far as to say that Miller is a “superhero.”

From the Houston Chronicle:

“Oh my goodness — Braxton could play every position on the field except the ones where they had to put their hand in the dirt, and he’d still be wildly successful,” Whitfield said during a break in the camp at St. Thomas High School. “When he was at Ohio State, he was one of the last superheroes in college football.”

“The whole team felt like supermen because Braxton was on the bus with them,” Whitfield said. “At any given time, Braxton can break the game wide open. That’s what superheroes do.”

Well, Miller didn’t look like a superhero last year.

You also can’t blame Miller for the way he played last season. It was only his second full year as a wide receiver after converting from quarterback during his senior season at Ohio State.

The good news is that the arrival of new assistant coach Wes Welker should be able to take Miller’s game to the next level.

I do expect Miller to play better this coming season, but I don’t believe he’ll reach his full…

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