Green Bay Packers HOF-er dominant in the 1960s – Green Bay Packers News

Green Bay Packers HOF-er dominant in the 1960s – Green Bay Packers News

Henry Jordan, the Green Bay Packers defensive lineman who helped dominate the 1960s, may be best known for his quote describing head coach Vince Lombardi as treating everyone equally – like dogs – as he is remembered for his play on the field.

That’s unfortunate, because Jordan was a player. Though not a big man for his position, it was Jordan’s quickness and use of his hands that provided him with the skills needed to succeed in the trenches of of the game that Lombardi described as the most violent of all sports.

Geoff Gray, the Canadian from the University of Manitoba, one of the rookies looking to make the squad this season, now wears number 74, but there have been others who have worn the number well – Dave Roller and Lester Archambeau are a couple.

For an in-depth look at every number and the players who wore them, we highly recommend “Packers by the Numbers: Jersey Numbers and the Players Who Wore Them,” by John Maxymuk.

Aaron Kampman was also one of the best to wear the number.

Kampman played eight years in Green Bay, a popular player who, at the end of his time with the Packers, suffered a knee injury before moving on to play the final two years of his career in Jacksonville.

Kampman played 112 games in Green Bay, recording 54 sacks and 320 tackles. He also forced 11 fumbles and recovered four fumbles during his days with the Packers.

However, we will focus on another #74 today – Henry Jordan – one of those great defensive linemen from the 1960s.

Do you remember him?

Maybe not.

But you should.

Read on …

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