Evaluating the Offensive Line with OL Coach Pat Meyer – Los Angeles Chargers News

Evaluating the Offensive Line with OL Coach Pat Meyer – Los Angeles Chargers News

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be checking in with the Chargers’ position coaches and coordinators to get the inside scoop. We continue with OL Coach Pat Meyer.

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Chargers.com: As we head into training camp, perhaps no unit has undergone the most change in terms of personnel this offseason than the offensive line.  How has it gone for you, and how did you think the offseason program went?

Meyer: It was refreshing for me, and the guys were great.  I learned a lot from the players in terms of what they’ve been taught in the past.  They’ve been great, especially regarding their work ethic.  They want to learn different techniques and schemes, so it was a good offseason. I feel the chemistry up front has been great.  We have a veteran in Matt Slauson who has taken control of the group.  He sets the tone, which is nice.  And then we bring in Russell Okung, who is another important veteran.  He brings a certain edge, experience and work ethic.   There has been a lot of competition.  It’s been a good offseason because we have a good mixture of veteran leadership with young players who want to learn.

Chargers.com: Every coach has his own philosophy.  What’s yours? What did you try to hammer home during those OTA practices, and what is it you want to see when training camp starts that will make a guy…

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