Colts Fans Need To Temper Wild Optimism – Indianapolis Colts News

Colts Fans Need To Temper Wild Optimism – Indianapolis Colts News

The Indianapolis Colts will have a bunch of new faces on defense — which is a good thing for them because the old faces were the struts and bricks of a defense that failed to meet reasonable structural goals.

On offense, the Colts were competent. Minus the overpaid Dwayne Allen at tight end, virtually every contributor returns.

The great champion of continuity, coach Chuck Pagano, is back for a sixth season. Isn’t it funny how coaches on the hot seat always crow about the need for stable leadership?

Does any of that give legitimate reason for Colts fans to hope for a return to the playoffs in 2017? If your answer is yes, I love your optimism.

There was an extended period from 1999-2014 when it was almost inconceivable the Colts wouldn’t qualify for the postseason. It happened during the unusual Manning-less season, and once 10 years prior as the Colts misstepped while becoming a perennial Super Bowl contender.

Other than those brutal autumns of 2001 and 2011, it appeared the Colts had the NFL all figured out. Then the consequences of bad draft after bad draft drove the team into mediocrity — which fans continue to treat as though it’s a rash that can be quickly healed with the balm of one apparently solid influx of young players through a rare, fundamentally sound Colts draft.

Well, the bad news for Colts fans is that the Tennessee Titans, Houston Texans, and Jacksonville Jaguars are working to address weaknesses themselves. The AFC South usually produces at least two of the worst teams in the NFL, but those days might…

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