Chicago Bears legends show up early in MMQB All-Time NFL Draft – Chicago Bears News

Chicago Bears legends show up early in MMQB All-Time NFL Draft – Chicago Bears News

These Chicago Bears legends go extremely early in the MMQB All-Time NFL Draft.

We know that the Chicago Bears have a long and rich history of extending back to the beginning of the National Football League. What we don’t really know is how our favorite Bears legends stack up against other players in different eras.

It is a question that is almost impossible to answer. Are the modern players better than the NFL legends of the past? Today’s NFL has better athletes but they also have science and technology backing them up more than ever before. Peter King and the MMQB crew is trying to determine the best players in NFL history with their All-Time NFL Draft.

The All-Time NFL Draft

King has assembled an incredible panel of NFL minds to put together their all-time draft. There are 12 participants in the MMQB All-Time NFL Draft, including legendary front office members like Ron Wolf, Bill Polian and Ernie Accorsi. There is also a Hall of Fame quarterback (Dan Fouts), perhaps the most respected football historian in the world (John Turney) and a legendary NFL scout (Gil Brandt).

King undoubtedly put together a worthy group to select teams for the All-Time NFL Draft. They explain the process like this:

“How would you go about building an NFL team if you could draw from a pool of every player in football history? How would Tom Brady, J.J. Watt and Adrian Peterson stack up against the likes of Johnny Unitas, Joe Greene and Jim Brown? Do you go heavy on defense early, knowing you might get an all-time QB down the road, or do you jump on the passer of your dreams? And, most compellingly, who would go No. 1 in a hypothetical…

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