Chargers Roster Breakdowns, 90-in-90: DE Isaac Rochell – Los Angeles Chargers News

Chargers Roster Breakdowns, 90-in-90: DE Isaac Rochell – Los Angeles Chargers News

Player Factfile:

Name: Isaac Rochell

Age: 22

Position: DE

College: Notre Dame

NFL games played: 0

Games played for the Chargers: 0

Fun fact: Rochell gained a lot of unwanted weight after being drafted by the Chargers because the Mexican food in San Diego was so ‘on point.’

Rochell was born in McDonough, Georgia and went to High School at Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy, a private school in Georgia with enrollment fees close to $12,000 per year for Middle and High Schoolers. In 2012 Rochell played both ways as an OL and DL and helped lead the Chargers (yes, his High School team was genuinely called the Chargers) to a 12-1 record and their first ever State Championship. He was absolutely dominant, with 97 tackles and seven sacks in his Junior year alone, and it’s no surprise that Rochell was a 4* prospect on all the major recruiting sites, with interest from most major schools in the country, including Alabama, Florida State, Clemson, and Georgia.

Considering Rochell had so many options open to him, many people were surprised when he decided to commit to Notre Dame, with some even asking Rochell “who is Notre Dame?” “A lot of people were like man, why are you going to Notre Dame, and what not. I definitely got a lot of criticism for the decision that I made.”

Rochell chose Notre Dame in part because he “wanted to go to a good academic school” with his mother being a school teacher, but he knew it was right for him when he visited. “The campus sells itself. It’s a unique place. You realize that there’s nothing like it and that’s when you fall in love.”

He saw some playing time in his…

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