Adam Gase relishes playing Patriots twice a year – Miami Dolphins News

Adam Gase relishes playing Patriots twice a year – Miami Dolphins News

Maybe you heard about Jarvis Landry predicting the Miami Dolphins will sweep their two regular-season games with the Patriots this year.

That’s some high-quality offseason chatter, eliciting snickers in New England and high-fives in South Florida.

What interests me more, however, is Adam Gase’s cool perspective on the rivalry. He’s the head coach, and with the July 27 opening of Dolphins training camp drawing near, that means he’s on the clock to get the messaging just right for his initial address to the team.

Asked about being stuck in the same division with the Patriots, who have won 14 of the last 16 AFC East titles, Gase said “I think this is good for us because we get to go against the best twice a year and you know exactly where you stand in the NFL.

“Last year they beat us twice and they beat us pretty handily both times. We really put ourselves in a hole and they let us know that we have a long way to go.”

No need for a coach to shout or throw something against the wall when he says something like that. It’s straight to the point, and it’s a shot to the gut for any Miami player who wants to believe that making the playoffs last year made all the difference for this franchise.

Can’t imagine that Don Shula’s approach was much different in the summer of 1971.


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