5 Miami Dolphins headlines that never occurred – Miami Dolphins News

5 Miami Dolphins headlines that never occurred – Miami Dolphins News

Throughout the Miami Dolphins history there have been major headlines that have shaped the organization. Some came rather close to not happening.

What if history had changed? What if a ball fell a different way, bounced left when it had gone right. An incomplete pass instead of a completion? Those are the thrills of the games and it’s hard to imagine that sometimes a simple bounce could change what we know now.

With the off-season finally coming to an end, here is a look at five headlines that the Miami Dolphins never got to experience. Some for the good and some for the bad.

5: Miami Dolphins head to 4th straight Super Bowl

The Miami Dolphins beat the Oakland Raiders in Oakland after a last minute pass attempt by Kenny Stabler fell incomplete being tipped away. The ball traveled through a “Sea of Hands” before being knocked down short of the intended receiver. A week later the Dolphins hosted the Pittsburgh Steelers. The heat was too much for the northern black and gold and the Dolphins are now advancing to their 4th straight Super Bowl.

Reality: The Dolphins not only lost to the Raiders on that last minute touchdown throw but they would miss the post-season the following season.

4: Dolphins win Super Bowl VII finish season 16-1

In what will go down in history as one of the best seasons in the NFL the Miami Dolphins capped off a near perfect run beating the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII. Miami came one game close to a perfect season losing only in week six to the Buffalo Bills.

Reality: The Bills lost to the Dolphins by one point in week 6. The Vikings came up two points short in week 3.

3: Dolphins beat Redskins…

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