Will DeMarcus Lawrence be on the roster in 2018? – Dallas Cowboys News

Will DeMarcus Lawrence be on the roster in 2018? – Dallas Cowboys News

In the final year of his rookie contract, what will the Dallas Cowboys do with defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence in 2018?

In 2018, Dallas Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence will be an unrestricted free agent. And the main question will be whether or not the team will look to lock 25-year old down long term. The going rate on Lawrence could be high if he has a terrific 2017 season. And he could be priced a bit out of the Cowboys price range.

Lawrence has been an inconsistent pass rusher and has been suspended on a couple of occasions. He has also suffered a couple of injuries that have hindered his production.

It remains to be seen if the Cowboys value Lawrence enough to offer him a big second contract especially considering the fact that they drafted rookie pass rusher, Taco Charlton in the 2017 NFL draft.

The team from a personnel standpoint seems to be saying that they do not want Lawrence to leave but they are prepared for his departure if a bidding war ensues over his contract during free agency.

Lawrence has made some big plays during his time with Dallas but one could easily say that players such as David Irving or Maliek Collins would not have similar results. The only way I see the team bringing back Lawrence is if he has an 8 plus sack total at the end of the season.

That would not only show his…

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