Trading Drew Brees is still an awful idea – New Orleans Saints News

Trading Drew Brees is still an awful idea – New Orleans Saints News

There’s a small part of me — a very, very small part, mind you — that can’t wait until Drew Brees leaves the New Orleans Saints, so I can stop getting my heart rate up with this ridiculous argument.

I’ve been hearing it for three or four years now.

There’s a crowd totally convinced the Saints would have been better off trading Brees after the 2013 season in which they just won their first playoff road game and physically took it to the super athletic world champion Seattle Seahawks on the road.

The logic, I guess, is if New Orleans had done that, it would have gone 1-15 or 2-14 for a year or two and then about now would somehow have built themselves up to being a contender again.

Is it possible that would have happened? I guess it’s possible, yes.

If you guarantee me that if the Saints had traded Brees and would have gotten Andrew Luck at No. 1 for it, then I might buy that he’s worth going 1-15 to get.

But Luck was drafted in 2012.

The 2013 draft was horrendous. I’m not sure there are two players from that top 10 I’d want now, and no quarterbacks were taken.

In 2014, the top quarterback taken was Blake Bortles at No. 3. The Jags have drafted top 10 every year since then. No way Bortles is worth going 1-15 to acquire.

I’ll admit the 2015 draft was interesting. No way I would have done…

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