The 2018 NY Jets Will Be Swimming In Cap Space – New York Jets News

The 2018 NY Jets Will Be Swimming In Cap Space – New York Jets News

The New York Jets under general manager Mike Maccagnan have engaged in a tear it down operation (we won’t call it a tank, wink wink) in 2017.  According to, as a result of the tear down, the Jets currently have approximately $24.2 million in salary cap space for the 2017 season.  That ranks fifth in the NFL, behind the Browns, Jaguars, Titans and Texans.  That cap space isn’t particularly useful for the 2017 season, as, barring a blockbuster trade, there are few moves the Jets could make at this point that would involve substantial cap space.  The bigger story is the likely carry over of much of that cap space into 2018, and what the team’s 2018 cap space will be as a result.

The $24.2 million current figure for the Jets does not include a few things. The biggest unincluded item is the approximately $3.5 million in cap space that will be deducted when 2017 first round draft pick Jamal Adams finally signs his contract. In addition the 2017 practice squad will cost approximately $1 million in cap space, and the addition of two players to bring the in-season cap calculation to 53 players from the off-season calculation of only the top 51 players will cost approximately another $1 million in cap space. Guesstimating the net cost of in-season transactions at approximately $3 million brings the total costs still to be accounted for under the 2017 cap to approximately $8.5 million. Deducting that $8.5 million from the current $24.2 million in cap space brings the Jets approximate carry over cap space for 2018 to about $16 million, rounding to the nearest million.

If we add that $16 million to the…

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