Questions loom over Houston Texans star DeAndre Hopkins’ contract – Houston Texans News

Questions loom over Houston Texans star DeAndre Hopkins’ contract – Houston Texans News

Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins celebrates after scoring a touchdown during the AFC Wild Card playoff football game. Photo by: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

DeAndre Hopkins has been the Houston Texans quarterbacks’ best friend on the field for the past few years, and there is uncertainty whether he will be around after the 2017 season has concluded. Last season Hopkins was head and shoulders above his other wide receivers, bringing in 954 receiving yards and averaging 12 yards per catch.

It is unknown how much the Texans are willing to pay Hopkins after this upcoming season. A former NFL agent expects him to be paid in the same tier as Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas. Antonio Brown signed a four-year $68 million contract during this offseason, making him currently the highest paid wide receiver in the league. I would expect Hopkins to be paid his desired amount of money because of his  impressive offensive performance.

If the situation arises that DeAndre is not paid and ends up on another team, Texans fans would look ahead to see who would take his spot. Based on stats from the past few years, it seems that Will Fuller would step in as the leading receiver. Fuller recorded 635 yards during last season with 13.5 yards per reception; an even higher number than Hopkins. Fuller was known more for his speed rather than catching abilities coming out of college, but his stats told another story during his rookie season which ended a few months ago. Fuller becomes a free agent in 2020, and this should excite Texans fans knowing he will develop and continue to improve on his stats every year.


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