O-Zone: Get up, stand up – Jacksonville Jaguars News

O-Zone: Get up, stand up – Jacksonville Jaguars News

JACKSONVILLE – Let’s get to it …

Josh from Pensacola, FL:

I don’t agree that Blake Bortles is the best running quarterback in the NFL. However, I do think that needs to be part of his game. He seems to have gotten away from it. When he carries the ball, he usually gets a good chunk of yardage. I’m not saying make him a running quarterback, but why not take advantage of that and make defenses worry? It just adds another dimension to the offense. Agree?

John: Not particularly – or at least I’m not “all in.” But that’s because I’m not big on building a large part of an NFL offense around a quarterback’s ability to run. The league more often than not is about quarterbacks winning from the pocket, though there obviously are exceptions. Should Bortles run more? Perhaps a bit more. He rushed about three-and-a-half times per game last season, averaging 6.19 yards per carry and gaining 20 first downs rushing. Bortles does have good awareness once he leaves the pocket, and he has been effective on designated runs. Considering this effectiveness, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Jaguars work quarterback runs into the offense a time or two more a game. Still, you don’t want to see the Jaguars and Bortles get overly dependent on quarterback runs. You need to win from the pocket in the NFL.

Adam from Jacksonville:

Do you play golf?

John: No.

Bryce from Waterloo, IA:

John: I didn’t cover the Henderson/Marcus Stroud era, so I’m a bit biased toward the Jaguars teams I did cover in the 1990s. Acknowledging that, I suppose my answer to your question would be Mark Brunell. I can’t put Brunell on a par with…

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