Mike Daniels: Green Bay Packers D-lineman lets actions speak – Green Bay Packers News

Mike Daniels: Green Bay Packers D-lineman lets actions speak – Green Bay Packers News

LANDOVER, MD – NOVEMBER 20: Defensive end Mike Daniels

Mike Daniels has brought an attitude to the Green Bay Packers over the past five years that has been robust, honest, and sometimes a bit out there.

But that’s OK, because the defensive lineman who was said he was too short to play in the NFL, has had to battle those types of put-downs for some time.

He’s demonstrated that he is an elite defensive lineman whose work has flown under the radar, but not among Packers fans. We know just who this guy is.

At Lombardi Ave we are counting down the days to the start of the 2017 season by taking a look at the players who wore numbers 99-to-1.

We stop today at #76 – a jersey worn by just 12 players since 1950 – a group made up mostly by linemen – including Daniels.

You may remember Alphonso Carreker, a Packers defensive lineman who wore #76 for the Packers back in the 1980s. Or maybe we remember Chad Clifton, one of the Packers best offensive tackles to have played in the past half century.

He also had a big role in the Packers last Super Bowl championship in 2010.

Those are a couple of the players who have worn #76 since 1950.

I’m wondering if any of you remember Bob Dees, Tom O’Malley, or David Viaene?

No, I didn’t think so.

The 76 jersey, of course, is now being worn by Daniels.

Many have passed through Green Bay – players who don’t necessarily stand out in the statistics, but still had some sort of impact on the franchise.

Daniels, who does register on many people’s “favorite Packers” list, has had a big impact on the most recent Green Bay Packers teams.

This focus is on him and his number – #76 …

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