Louis Lipps: ‘Pittsburgh Is Just A Special Place To Play’ – Pittsburgh Steelers News

Louis Lipps: ‘Pittsburgh Is Just A Special Place To Play’ – Pittsburgh Steelers News

The Pittsburgh Steelers have had their fair share of talented wide receivers over the years. They already have a couple of them in the Hall of Fame, with another potentially worthy who is eligible, and they are currently watching one of their own on the current roster build up his own case for future enshrinement down the road.

But they have had some very good wide receivers over the years who get less attention because they played during less affluent era of the team. Perhaps no better example of that would be Louis Lipps, who spent eight years in Pittsburgh from 1984 through 1991.

Just consider the quarterbacks that he would have had to play with. Mark Malone and Bubby Brister were his main guys until Neil O’Donnell arrived in 1991, Lipps’ last year with the team. Those are not exactly the arms that young wide receivers grow up dreaming about catching passes from some day in the distant future.

He put up 358 receptions over those eight years for 6018 yards and 39 touchdowns, numbers that are more impressive when you put them in context. He also returned 107 punts for 1212 yards for a very respectable 11.3-yard average, with three touchdowns. He was less successful in far fewer kick return attempts.

Lipps does have the love of the Steelers faithful, however, and that is why, as Teresa Varley notes on the team’s website, he remained in Pittsburgh despite being a New Orleans native, and having played his final season in the NFL with the Saints.

I had goose bumps as big as marbles on my arms and throughout my body”, he said about experiencing the crowd and the noise of the old Three Rivers Stadium. “It just…

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