Colts Defensive Chemistry Paramount To Early Season Success – Indianapolis Colts News

Colts Defensive Chemistry Paramount To Early Season Success – Indianapolis Colts News

The Indianapolis Colts have been aggressive in remaking their defense after two straight 8-8 seasons. Replacing their general manager and absorbing Andrew Luck’s surgery underscored the need to secure the future of the organization. The expectations are higher than most of us expected to see, but when you recall what was on the field last season it’s certainly understandable.

This is a massive turnover reminiscent of the 2012 gutting of the roster, but instead of aging veterans hauling in hefty contracts, there’s more of a youth movement based on prove-it deals. None of this is new to any of us who have been talking about this since the transition began. However, some of the excitement should probably be holstered for the time being.

Don’t get me wrong, the added talent is evident – it’s not debatable. Yet, there is a lot that needs to take place before we know what exactly there is with this new group of defenders. Recently former Colts GM Bill Polian touched on this as well, though he’s been outspoken at times, scatterbrained at other times, and even downright uncivil.

In this case, Polian touched on how the Colts could have a tough road making it back to the playoffs in 2017. He spoke on how the new influx of talent would make sub-package situations difficult, saying, “When you count the nickel and dime packages, you’re going to have eight new players.” After offering that the team will likely have a better pass rush than the 2016 version, Polian added, “getting all those guys to coalesce and get cohesive is…

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