Chris Long Previews Game Of Thrones – Philadelphia Eagles News

Chris Long Previews Game Of Thrones – Philadelphia Eagles News

The seventh season of Game of Thrones makes its debut Sunday night. I’m the last person who should be writing any sort of preview since I’ve seen all of one episode (although my wife, Erin, to her credit did buy the box set for Christmas). Thank goodness for defensive end Chris Long. Not only will he help the defensive end rotation in 2017, but he’s one of the millions of people who will be glued to their televisions and mobile devices watching the start of the penultimate season of the show. In a piece for Sports Illustrated, Long listed his favorite characters, best episode, and overall thoughts on what will happen in the final two seasons.

Best Episode: Season 6 Finale, “The Winds Of Winter”

“The 25-minute sequence to open the episode was magic. It was art. The score, the action, the shock,” Long wrote. “Cersei calmly watching the Sept being obliterated from her balcony with a glass of Merlot was epic.”

The Five Best Characters

I won’t list them all here, but one of them is Cersei.

“You sort of pull for her to soften up, but she self regulates her kindness remarkably,” Long wrote. “She almost catches herself drifting off into being a normal human, then boom. Back to being the stone cold psycho we love to hate. Also scores points for having an undead, indestructible body guard. Lena Headey has killed it the entire series.”

One Character He’s Done With: Khaleesi

“Is it me or has Khaleesi gotten really full of herself? If her character had an Instagram, it would be insufferable,” Long wrote. “Every time she meets someone and unloads a 73-second self-righteous introduction, I keep hoping…

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