Buffalo Bills Over/Under: 2,630 total rushing yards – Buffalo Bills News

Buffalo Bills Over/Under: 2,630 total rushing yards – Buffalo Bills News

The Buffalo Bills led the league in rushing yards for the second consecutive year in 2016, finishing with 2,630 yards. Can the team improve on that?

The Buffalo Bills have boasted the greatest rushing attack in the NFL over the past two seasons and even ended up finishing with the third most rushing yards in one season in team history. Unfortunately, a lot has changed in Buffalo and it could threaten their chances at a three-peat.

But we’re not just talking about being the best rushing attack in the NFL, we are discussing whether or not the Buffalo Bills can improve on their 2,630 yards rushing they put up last season. Although I sincerely hope it happens, I have a tough time figuring out how it could.

The truth is, the only similarities between last season’s rushing attack and this season’s rushing attack is Tyrod Taylor and LeSean McCoy. Luckily, those are the two most valuable pieces to the puzzle. The bad news is, those two weren’t the main reason Buffalo had such a strong rushing attack.

Mike Gillislee was hands down the best backup running back in the NFL over the past two seasons. Now off to the New England Patriots, the Buffalo Bills needed to find someone to fill his role this season. So far, it looks like Jonathan Williams will be that guy. Williams could certainly come in and do much of the same things Gillislee did, but it won’t be a guarantee like it was with Touchdown Mike.

Here’s a look at the totals from last year:

LeSean McCoy: 1,267 yards, 234 attempts

Tyrod Taylor: 580 yards, 95 attempts

Mike Gillislee: 577 yards, 101 attempts

Jonathan Williams: 94 yards, 27…

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