3 reasons why special teams are a problem – Buffalo Bills News

3 reasons why special teams are a problem – Buffalo Bills News

For the past few years, any time the Buffalo Bills special teams’ unit trots out on the field I get an eerie feeling in my stomach. It’s like watching your 7’0″ center dribble the ball up the court.

USA Today recently ranked all 32 special teams units in the NFL. The Buffalo Bills were slotted in the 23rd spot on that list. Here are how the Bills’ AFC East counterparts rounded out:

  • New England Patriots – #6
  • Miami Dolphins – #25
  • New York Jets – #32

See any correlation here?

9 out of the top 12 teams made the playoffs last season. Let me remind you the Los Angeles Rams are #1 on the list. Solely because the trio of Johnny Hekker, Greg Zuerlein, and Tavon Austin are special teams superstars.

Special teams are one-third of the game and is when the most crucial plays in a game are made. A kicker missing a first-quarter PAT could cause them to go for two late. Giving up a return touchdown is a momentum changing moment that gives the other teams offense an extra series of rest.

I have seen it happen too many times over the years, and it is time for the special team’s problem to be addressed.

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