The Detroit Lions 2018 Salary Cap Situation – Detroit Lions News

The Detroit Lions 2018 Salary Cap Situation – Detroit Lions News

Ash Thompson Breaks Down The Detroit Lions’ Salary Cap Situation.

One of our readers requested an article looking at the Lions 2018 salary cap situation. There has been a lot mentioned about the team’s position going forward, but not much analysis. At a glance, the Lions appear to be in pretty good shape going into 2018. As of this moment, they have $68,829,500 which is more salary cap space than any other NFL team. They also have the lowest average age under contract for next season at this point at 24.94 years of age. Both of those things appear on the surface to be good things, and that is as far as most people look.

That figure includes the salaries of players like Jace Billingsley, Michael Rector, and Steve Longa who may not be on the Lions 2017 week one roster, let alone still with the team in 2018. In all, there are 16 players who signed team friendly, multi-year contracts that I do not expect to actually be on the roster for 2018. That frees up an additional $8.88 million. If one of those players balls out and makes it to next year, they are a $550k cap hit. That is not a significant number to be concerned with.

I never did get the name of our beloved reader who asked the question, but thank you. For you, I will dig deeper into the Lions 2018 salary cap scenario. To get a more accurate picture of where the Lions actually are I am going to examine the Lions upcoming free agents, and what their cost will likely be to retain. The Lions 2018 salary cap situation starts with approximately $77.5 million in cap space.

The Quarterback

Matthew Stafford is a free agent and the Lions have a pair of sixth round…

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