Top Five Players In Franchise History – Houston Texans News

Top Five Players In Franchise History – Houston Texans News

The Houston Texans are nearing their 16th season of NFL football this fall. Although they are still the youngest NFL franchise they have already had enough great players to make a list like this one. With that being said, let’s get started.

Honorable Mentions:

There were a few players that have had great careers as Houston Texans but didn’t quite make the cut. The short list of players I left off of this list are DeAndre Hopkins, Brian CushingOwen Daniels and DeMeco Ryans.

Hopkins will find himself on a list like this one soon enough, but it’s too early to crown him as an ‘All-Time’ player. Cushing, Daniels and Ryans have had the longevity, but fell just short of making the cut. Let’s move on to number five.

Number Five: Duane Brown

Duane Brown has been a top five left tackle for much of his time in the NFL. The anchor of the Houston Texans’ offensive line has been shutting down the best pass rushers in his nine seasons.

Brown has been an ironman for the Texans as well, he’s only missed 12 career regular season games. The three-time pro bowler and 2011 All-Pro has earned his spot on this list.

Number Four: Matt Schaub

Yes, that’s right, Matt Schaub. Schaub has by far been the best Quarterback in Texans history, we’ll have to wait and see how DeShaun Watson works out. For now, it’s all Schaub.

In his seven seasons with the Texans, Schaub threw for over 23,000 yards, 124 touchdowns and won 46 games.

The two-time pro bowler will unfortunately be remembered for his abysmal 2013 season rather than the successful campaigns he had with Houston.

Number Three: Arian Foster

Arian Foster‘s journey to NFL…

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