There will be no sophomore slump for the Chicago Bears – Chicago Bears News

There will be no sophomore slump for the Chicago Bears – Chicago Bears News

The sophomore slump is a real enough thing in the NFL that some teams and fans stress over it. Often, rookies make an impactful splash on the scene, but then once opposing coaches get some tape on them, they devise ways to slow them down. Some players never make the necessary tweaks to counteract the coaching adjustments, but some players do, and they flourish.

While the sophomore slump will reach up and tackle a few second year players, it’s not happening in Chicago.

SB Nation recently took a peek at a few star 2016 rookies that may struggle to live up to lofty expectations in year two. They singled out Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys, Tyreek Hill of the Kansas City Chiefs, Joey Bosa of the San Diego Chargers, and Jordan Howard from the Chicago Bears.

The Bears actually had three rookies play at a high level last year, as Cody Whitehair was one of the better centers in the league, and outside linebacker Leonard Floyd flashed the athleticism and potential that made the Bears trade up for him.

None of these guys will take a step back in 2017.

“The biggest factor for Howard going into 2017 is the departure of running backs coach Stan Drayton,” writes SB Nation, “who left the Bears to join Tom Herman’s staff at the University of Texas.”

Drayton is out, but 22 year coaching veteran Curtis Modkins is in. Modkins has not only coached running backs, but early in his collegiate coaching career he worked with the secondary and tight ends. Since his step to the professional ranks in 2008, he’s also had a few years under his belt serving as an offensive coordinator. Modkins is a well…

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