Sheldon Richardson: ‘I’ll be damned’ if Jets are going to tank 2017 – New York Jets News

Sheldon Richardson: ‘I’ll be damned’ if Jets are going to tank 2017 – New York Jets News

FLORHAM PARK — Defensive end Sheldon Richardson‘s eyebrows raised when he was asked the question: What does he think of those who say the Jets are tanking this season, after cutting so many veteran players? 

“Tanking for what?” he told NJ Advance Media last week at minicamp

For a high draft pick in 2018, perhaps to select a quarterback, as the thinking goes. 

“Whatever,” Richardson said. “I mean, I don’t tank nothing. So that’s all opinions outside of this organization. We don’t come here — and we’re not going to go through training camp, and have 14-hour days — to go tank a season. I’ll be damned.” 

Richardson said fans who want the Jets to tank this season “don’t ever see the grind” that players go through, as they prepare for the season.  

The Jets tanking conversation gained steam earlier this month when the organization cut two more veterans: wide receiver Eric Decker and middle linebacker David Harris

“Nothing is certain around here,” said Richardson, whom the Jets have dangled in trade talks this offseason and during last season. “When you’re a team in transition, I don’t want to say nobody’s safe. That’s a little joke.”  

Still, Richardson believes the Jets “most definitely” can field a competitive team in 2017. 

“Everybody here feels like they’ve got something to prove,” he said. “Everybody. We’re not selling ourselves short. We’re not trying to tank a season or nothing like that.

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