Ranking the Fantasy assets for the Kansas City Chiefs – Kansas City Chiefs News

Ranking the Fantasy assets for the Kansas City Chiefs – Kansas City Chiefs News

Alex Smith is an easy target. He’s a “game manager”, he gets praised for “wins” as a statistic, his arm strength is, well, not a strength and he rarely takes shots downfield. That’s all true, but that doesn’t mean the Kansas City Chiefs passing game isn’t Fantasy relevant. 

Travis Kelce was the No. 1 tight end in 2016. Tyreek Hill was a top 20 wide receiver. This group had real intrigue even before they released Jeremy Maclin and his 76 targets from 2016.

Of course, the passing game won’t be the story in Kansas City as we head to training camp. The story will be the battle between Spencer Ware and Kareem Hunt for the No. 1 running back job. The most likely outcome is we get a committee that hurts the value of both backs, but if either becomes a workhorse they’ll be a steal on draft day. Let’s get into the expectations for the Kansas City Chiefs:

*Rankings expressed below are in terms of expected Fantasy points. This is a part of our actual Fantasy Football rankings but not a direct correlation to my rankings. Things like injury risk, upside, etc. factor into rankings but they’re not being talked about here. This is simply an expectation as the team is currently constructed.

Breaking down the touches

One benefit of Smith and Reid having a history is that there’s more reliability in projecting the offense. The Chiefs are likely to throw the ball about 55 percent of the time, with slightly more than a quarter of those targets going to tight ends and less than 60 percent going to receivers.

The interesting part of this offense is in the…

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