Packers Fan Sues Bears over Sideline Ban of Green Bay Apparel – Green Bay Packers News

Packers Fan Sues Bears over Sideline Ban of Green Bay Apparel – Green Bay Packers News

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Russell Beckman, a Green Bay Packers fan who’s also a Chicago Bears season ticket holder, filed a lawsuit against the Bears organization for barring him from wearing Packers memorabilia while attending pregame warm-ups at Soldier Field last season.

Danny Ecker of Chicago Business passed along details of the suit Monday. Beckman is “seeking that the Bears and the NFL be ordered by the court to not enforce this rule for the 2017 season and beyond.”

He earned the chance to stand on the field before the game by gaining enough points through Chicago’s program for season ticket holders each of the past three seasons, according to the lawsuit. He donned Packers apparel during the team’s visit to Soldier Field in both 2014 and 2015 without any pushback.

Ecker noted Beckman received an email before last year’s game on Dec. 18 saying gear of the opponent would no longer be allowed.

He alleges the decision was confirmed by the team via email and that he was denied entry for warmups after showing up in his Packers memorabilia.

He added he’s not seeking any monetary damages in the case aside from the defendants paying his “court filing fees and service fees.” He also wrote he’s going to represent himself in “good faith” because he doesn’t want to incur further legal costs over this “simple” matter.

A Bears spokesperson declined comment to Chicago Business about the lawsuit.

The Packers and Bears own one of the league’s fiercest rivalries and play one game in each hometown every year since they both play in the NFC North.

Green Bay is scheduled to visit Chicago on Nov. 12 during the upcoming season.

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