Matt Ryan Set for Best Season Yet? – Atlanta Falcons News

Matt Ryan Set for Best Season Yet? – Atlanta Falcons News

The Atlanta Falcons are set for a season to prove that they will not suffer a Super Bowl hangover. No player is more key to that than quarterback Matt Ryan. After an MVP winning season could Ryan be even better in 2017?

Atlanta Falcon’s quarterback Matt Ryan is coming off of an MVP winning season that saw the Falcons make it all the way to the Super Bowl. Predicting that Ryan would improve off of that would be a crazy suggestion that we are going to make a case for.

Losing his offensive coordinator has been the biggest criticism that Ryan has had this off-season. Of course Ryan could not put up a year to match last year’s numbers without his coordinator. It is important to remember to put that suggestion into perspective that Ryan had both his best and worst years respectively back to back under the same coordinator.

After his career worst year that left a lot of fans looking to bring in a new quarterback Ryan worked on his mechanics,diet,play calling, and ability to escape the pocket. The time spent working on those things translated into an MVP season for Ryan a well deserved one that may feel a bit of a consolation prize after the Super Bowl loss.

Ryan has spent his off-season continuing to work on those same skills while keeping the same playbook that the Falcons have been running for two years regardless of the coordinator. Ryan will now play with the same…

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