Key players for Bengals’ return to postseason – Cincinnati Benegals News

Key players for Bengals’ return to postseason – Cincinnati Benegals News

If the Cincinnati Bengals are planning a return to the playoffs, they need key players healthy and focused. They’ll help the offense run like a Cadillac.

There’s no need to panic, you haven’t missed the Bengals’ home opener. The start of football mania is still a few months away. But, there are still a few question marks surrounding Cincinnati and certain players. No, there are no surprise injuries that suddenly popped up. In order for the Bengals to make some noise during the regular season and into the postseason, there has to be a fierce desire to go beyond the norm. Essentially, decent players have to get an attitude and standout players have to be superb.

It’s easy to single out players for their lack of success or recent failures. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of the beast. The NFL isn’t a place for stifled potential or mediocre dreams. It’s built on the premise of winning it all. In order for the Bengals to make a move on the postseason and success in the playoffs, there have to be certain players that make a commitment to winning and keep it throughout the season.

There’s no need to keep bringing up Andy Dalton. He understands the need for his leadership. In fact, Dalton has probably read so many articles on the subject he can regurgitate specific passages on cue. But, that’s my take on The Ginger. Who else needs to get keep a chip on their shoulder?

Hill Street Blues 

This has to be the year. There can be no doubts and second guessing. Jeremy Hill has to take the bull by the horns, roast it over an open flame and leave no leftovers. In other words, Hill has to have the type of year that

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