An offseason look (guess) at the Colts’ 53-player active roster – Indianapolis Colts News

An offseason look (guess) at the Colts’ 53-player active roster – Indianapolis Colts News

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – It’s been five months of serious roster renovation. Not tweaking or minor adjusting. Serious renovation.

Half of the Indianapolis Colts’ 90-player offseason roster is composed of players who’ve never been an Indianapolis Colt. Even in the nomadic NFL, that level of season-to-season fluidity is rare.

One more example of the overall newness of this roster: the only players still around from the 2014 AFC Championship game – 2014, for cryin’ out loud – are Andrew Luck, T.Y. Hilton, Jack Doyle, Anthony Castonzo, Vontae Davis, Darius Butler, Adam Vinatieri, Donte Moncrief and Jack Mewhort. Erik Swoope was on the practice squad.

That’s nine. Plus one.

That’s our long-winded way of getting to the point, which is helping fill the NFL’s quieter time by projecting the Colts’ 53-man roster. As we’ve mentioned before when offering similar guesstimates, we do so using a pencil, not a pen. So much can happen between now and the one preseason cut, which occurs following the final preseason game.

After watching his handiwork on the field over the last two months, Ballard probably has a pretty good idea of whom he expects to start where at most positions when September rolls around. But he’s keeping an open mind. And for good reason.

“I’m really careful this time of year because I think teams get a really false impression of their teams in OTAs and in shorts,’’ Ballard told “I mean, this game’s played in pads and it’s a tough, physical game.

“The real competition begins in camp.’’


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