2017 IDP Projections: Green Bay Packers – Green Bay Packers News

2017 IDP Projections: Green Bay Packers – Green Bay Packers News

I believe that to properly analyze the 2017 IDPs you need to have an idea of how they’ll ALL perform so you can benchmark and compare them effectively.  So I built a model using past performance, efficiency, scheme information and coaching tendencies to predict what will happen in 2017.  I’ve applied that to my best estimates for how teams will use players this year which gives a projection and ranking for all IDPs. You can read more about what I did and how here


I feel the fact the Packers made it all the way to the NFL title game has somewhat masked our memory of last season and therefore expectations of 2017.  For much of 2016, they were not an elite team.  It’s just that Aaron Rodgers can win games on his own.  The Packers gave up the 11th-most yards and 12th-most points last season, and their cornerbacks in particular were abysmal.  They used their first four draft picks on defensive players but I’m not entirely convinced that the defense as a whole will be categorically better than it was last year.

The Packers are also tough to predict because it’s such a funky scheme.  It’s very unusual in personnel groupings, and they have a ton of very odd fronts they show.  Add in the stable approach to inside linebacker, and it’s a bit of a tall task quite frankly.  Nonetheless, here are my projections.


Kevin King, CB

OK.  I know this is punchy, but I really think he could be a breakout.  The whole unit was atrocious last season and King was their top draft pick.  I’m confident he’ll be on the field early and often.  In addition to that, he’s…

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