Toughest AFC West coach job falls to familiar man – Denver Broncos News

Toughest AFC West coach job falls to familiar man – Denver Broncos News

Here’s a football question that led me to a surprising answer.

Which coaching job is more attractive for the upcoming NFL season — coordinating the Denver Broncos offense or head-coaching the Los Angeles Chargers*?

Team Spanos is coming off two poor seasons and its top rookie draftee, wideout Mike Williams, was shut down with a back injury last month.

While Denver’s offense is suspect, it stands to benefit from a strong defense.

Answer: The head coach of Team Spanos has the better chance of success, relative to peers.

In other words, Mike McCoy faces taller odds than if he’d kept his previous job.

McCoy has the toughest coaching job in the AFC West, I think.

He has to pick a quarterback between Trevor Siemien, a marginal third-year player who has durability issues dating to college; and Paxton Lynch, a raw sophomore whom McCoy’s top boss, Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway, traded up to take in the first round of the 2016 draft.

In addition. Denver is breaking in new linemen or trying out holdovers at new spots. McCoy will cross his fingers that the best Broncos blocker, center Matt Paredes, will play well following offseason hip surgery.

Receivers Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas are good players, but their best seasons are probably behind them. Sanders turned 30 this month and Thomas will be 30 in December.

Running back C.J. Anderson is returning from reconstructive knee surgery. Though he’s tough and well-rounded, he didn’t have very good speed before the setback.

The collection of tight ends is one of the League’s least…

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