Top 3 breakout candidates for 2017 – Cincinnati Benegals News

Top 3 breakout candidates for 2017 – Cincinnati Benegals News

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With a new season, comes new players that are ready to prove people wrong. Thankfully, the Bengals have plenty of candidates.

Young Bengals players are ready to show their abilities after the departures of numerous veterans. Some players didn’t get to show what they’re capable of, due to vets being in front of them and a lack of playing time. The youngsters will be pushed up to the spotlight and be expected to perform at a high level. Although players like William Jackson III and Andrew Billings are going to be exciting to watch over the season, it’ll be their first action. They can’t necessarily be a breakout candidate unless they’ve shown some sort of flash in their short careers.

So what exactly is a breakout candidate? According to my definition, a “breakout candidate” is a player that has progressed steadily over the years but never really got there. In a breakout year, a player may finally get to stardom and have their best season. Anyways…enough chit chat. Let’s get to the list.

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