New England Patriots player spotlight: Chris Hogan – New England Patriots News

New England Patriots player spotlight: Chris Hogan – New England Patriots News

The NFL media has almost already accepted the fact that the New England Patriots will find themselves in the Super Bowl once again at the end of the 2017 season, and with good reason.  With the loss of no key players, and the addition of a few significant pieces, such as Stephon Gilmore and Brandin Cooks, the Patriots are already substantially better than the Super Bowl-winning team of 2016-2017.

Understandably, the majority of the coverage and attention focused on the Patriots has been aimed at these new acquisitions, with the exception being the occasional article or blip about Tom Brady, but he has always been a significant draw for the media.

However, without these big pickups, the Patriots were still able to finish the 2016 season with an overall record of 17-2, a Super Bowl championship, and the greatest Super Bowl comeback of all time.  Other than the superhuman performance by Tom Brady, there were a plethora of players who contributed to the historic comeback and the successful season – most of whom remain on the roster today.

For the first in the player spotlight series, the focus will be on wide receiver Chris Hogan.

Hogan, 28, signed with New England during the 2016 offseason after spending his first three seasons with the Buffalo Bills.  Interestingly enough, Hogan was a lacrosse star in college, but decided to switch to football near the end of his college days, and bounced around a couple NFL practice squads after entering the league as an underrated free agent.  He saw decent playing time in Buffalo before signing with New England, but never established himself as a go-to guy.

Chris Hogan proved…

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