Detroit Lions keep showing faith in their wide receiving corps – Detroit Lions News

Detroit Lions keep showing faith in their wide receiving corps – Detroit Lions News

ALLEN PARK — The Detroit Lions haven’t had a lot of opportunities to shore up their wide receiving corps since last offseason, but chances have come.

They were already paying healthy amounts for their current group, even with the losses of touchdowns leader Anquan Boldin and speedster Andre Roberts from a thin room. They picked well out of trade range for the top three receivers in the draft, who all went in the top 10 picks.

But in the past couple weeks, Jeremy Maclin came available by a surprising release by the Kansas City Chiefs and Eric Decker did as well following an equally surprising cut by the New York Jets.

Both represented No. 1 receivers in their prime, which is what some felt Detroit needed after they struggled to create big plays during last year’s slide from 9-4 to four straight losses. Marvin Jones and Golden Tate both cracked 900 yards last season and boast cap hits of more than $8 million for this year. Neither broke more than four touchdowns, though, and free agency suddenly had two players who had proven they could do that.

No reports linked the Lions to Maclin or Decker, however, and both are now gone. Maclin signed with the Baltimore Ravens earlier in the month and Decker was scooped up by the Tennessee Titans on Sunday night.

Meanwhile, Boldin has said he wants to play a 15th NFL season, but it’s looking more and more like his year in Detroit will be his only one. He hasn’t spoken to the Lions in recent months, and they gave his No. 80 jersey away to fourth-round tight end Michael Roberts.

“You never say never,” Lions coach Jim Caldwell said. “He’s still out there, still available,…

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