Brock Osweiler Criticizes Houston Texans Coaches – Houston Texans News

Brock Osweiler Criticizes Houston Texans Coaches – Houston Texans News

I don’t know what it says about Brock Osweiler that he is seemingly generating as much content for all of us in Houston as a Cleveland Brown as he did when he was a Houston Texan. But thus far, during the OTA and minicamp portion of the NFL’s calendar, that is undoubtedly the case.

Some will read posts like this and say that it is I (or really “we,” because I am most certainly not the only Houston media member marveling at Brock’s complete lack of self-awareness) who must turn the page, and perhaps that’s the case. Maybe I should be the bigger man. But darn it, until a) the Texans quarterback situation has officially emerged from the rubble left behind by Brock (i.e. Deshaun Watson has shown he can be a good NFL starter) and b) Brock stops taking passive aggressive shots at others for his failures here (may never happen), it is relevant to us.

So what has Brock gone and said now? Glad you asked. There were two doozies in this week’s Osweiler presser, at the Browns mandatory minicamp. Before we cite both of them, here is the video for the complete press conference. You’ll need this as a point of reference:

Ok, here we go…

1. Brock does a 180 on the type of offense he loves playing in (which probably means he likes playing in whichever one pays him the highest salary) … FAST FORWARD to 7:20

Q: How different is this offense than the ones you’ve had in the past, and what about this offense kind of suits your game?

BROCK OSWEILER: This offense is fairly similar to the offense that we ran in Denver in 2015. it has a lot of West Coast principles. Outside of that, i haven’t had much history except for that…

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