Why you shouldn’t sleep on the Colts in 2017 – Indianapolis Colts News

Why you shouldn’t sleep on the Colts in 2017 – Indianapolis Colts News


IndyStar’s Zak Keefer and Stephen Holder discuss where the Indianapolis Colts stand as they head into a summer break. Training camp is next, at the end of the July.
Zak Keefer and Stephen Holder/IndyStar

INDIANAPOLIS – They have been the epitome of average the past two seasons. They have been neither very good nor embarrassingly bad.

When you attempt to characterize the Indianapolis Colts in 2015 and 2016, the word “blah” comes to mind.

After 8-8 records in consecutive seasons, it’s difficult to reach any other conclusion. As a result, a sense of ambivalence seems to have taken hold around this team.

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Expectations are measured. Offseason hype has been muted. And that’s if the Colts are even a part of the national conversation, which they generally are not these days.

But here’s a different point of view: There are actually quite a few reasons to believe the Colts will be one of the NFL’s sleeper teams in 2017. Not a Super Bowl contender per se, but certainly a team that should win its division, then take its best shot at the postseason.

Who says this team has to be blah once more?

“I think we can be a good football team,” coach Chuck Pagano said after wrapping up the team’s offseason work on Thursday. “I think there’s something special going on here.”

He could…

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