Training camp is a season of hope for fans – New York Jets News

Training camp is a season of hope for fans – New York Jets News

As training camp is just around the corner, this season is one of hope for many fans of the New York Jets.

Traditionally, training camp is a season of hope for fans of the New York Jets. New free agents excite fans as to their possible contributions in the year ahead. New young talent from the past draft is anxiously awaited to see perform by fans. Fans also get fired up to see development from the second year players. For many years it is the bright spot of the year for those of us who have thick enough skin to remain loyal to the team we all proclaim to love. There is always for hope for Jets fans.

This year, however, that enthusiasm and hope seem to be absent in many of the fan base. Predictions from the “analysts” and the “experts” in the sports media business have been pretty much been gloom and doom for the team this year. As a result, many fans are expecting the worst from the season. Predictions of 0-16 and 1-15 are abundant, and the claims that the team is out to “tank” the season are prevalent.

All of this negativity surrounding the team this year started me thinking of my own experiences with being a Jets fan. For me it started when I was ten years old, a new football team set up home in the Polo Grounds, and the year was 1961. Amazingly, that is 56 years ago, and I’m still here! Overall, it hasn’t been easy, the Jets have both thrilled and disappointed over the years. The team itself holds a 392-468- 8 regular season record, including the three years they were known as the Titans. They’ve posted a 12-13 postseason record in the same time period.

Of course the highlight of every Jets fan old…

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