Torrey Smith Puts Family First – Philadelphia Eagles News

Torrey Smith Puts Family First – Philadelphia Eagles News

Torrey Smith has enjoyed a lot of success in his seven-year NFL career. He won a Super Bowl championship with the Baltimore Ravens, but there’s one title that he’s the proudest of – father.

Smith embraced the notion of being a father someday at a young age. He was born in Colonial Beach, Virginia in 1989. He grew up the oldest of seven children in a household where his father, Clarence Rhodes, was not a constant presence. Smith’s mother, Monica Jenkins, worked as a nurse’s assistant as well as any additional jobs she could find to provide for her children. Smith stepped up and helped around the house whenever he could. He would help get his siblings off to school. He assisted in making sure homework was completed. He even earned the nickname, “The Microwave King,” from his mom for his ability to cook meals.

“That was just my role within the family. I didn’t think it was anything special,” Smith says. “I knew that this was how our family was built. My mom works and this is my way to help her.”

Smith crafted a vision for what he wanted his family to be like growing up and fought to make it a reality. Today, he is married to his college sweetheart, Chanel, and the couple has two sons – 3-year-old Torrey Jeremiah (T.J.) and 1-year-old Kameron James.

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