Top 5 defensive ends in New Orleans Saints history – New Orleans Saints News

Top 5 defensive ends in New Orleans Saints history – New Orleans Saints News

The New Orleans Saints have featured several great players in the organization’s 50 years. The Dome Patrol, Willie Roaf, and eventual Hall of Fame QB Drew Brees are some of the more notable athletes.

Here’s a saying I’ve referenced before in previous articles, “The game of football is won in the trenches.” What the saying is referring to is large, powerful men up front both on the offensive and defensive side of the ball, who help to not only regulate but greatly impact the outcome of the game.

Winning games in the National Football League takes a lot. It isn’t easy, but it’s possible. A staple of any good football team is an even better defensive line. One position in particular, defensive end, is critical for any defense’s success.

Commonly known as an edge rusher, a defensive end’s sole purpose in the NFL is to make pressure, chaos and mayhem against opposing quarterbacks. Finding the right defensive end can put your team over the top. When it comes down to it, defensive ends are game changers.

There have been some amazing players that have dawned the Black and Gold. That list includes an interesting group of edge rushers, formed from the Saints 50 years as an organization. In this week’s article, I’ll be covering what I think are the five best defensive ends in New Orleans Saints history.

The criteria for this list include having superior statistics and how large of an impact the athlete made for the New Orleans Saints. 

Did your favorite edge rusher make the cut?

Let’s start with the 5th best defensive end in Saints history. 

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