The state of Oakland Raider fanhood – Oakland Raiders News

The state of Oakland Raider fanhood – Oakland Raiders News

Despite anyone’s feelings on the Raiders, we can all agree that the team has one of the most distinct identities in all of sports. Starting with Al Davis’ vision in 1960, the Silver & Black have always carried a reputation for toughness, physical football, a love for game-breaking speed and a home where misfits thrive and become champions. All this plays into “Raider Mystique”. I mean, how many teams have a mystique? This is how I became a Raider fan all the way from Texas. They’re “The World’s Team”.

But there’s one crucial element of that Raider identity that I didn’t mention, and it’s arguably the most important part; the location of the team. Oakland is an utterly perfect city for the Raiders. The city loves the team and they reflect each other. Oakland is a blue-collar city and a hard-nosed city to be certain. There’s not much glitz and glamour when it comes to Oakland and they love that about their team. They bleed silver & black in such a genuine way that not many sports cities do…it’s just a Raider town.

Not for long though. Football fans are well aware by now that the team is making the move to Las Vegas in a couple of years, barring any unforeseen roadblocks (can you tell that I’m holding out hope?). So the question is, how are Oakland fans supposed to feel about the Raiders now?

Oakland Raiders fans expressing their opinion. Photo by: Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s get the obvious out of the way now; this move is heartbreaking for Oakland fans and anyone who’s a real fan of the Oakland Raiders, there’s no way around that. It’s a sad reality and the NFL is losing…

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