O-Zone: Healthy living – Jacksonville Jaguars News

O-Zone: Healthy living – Jacksonville Jaguars News

JACKSONVILLE – Let’s get to it …

Gary from St. Augustine, FL:

Zone, Pat Flaherty says the Jaguars will be able to run block this season. What makes him think this? They haven’t been able to run block in years.

John: You’re referring to one of the highlight moments of the Jaguars’ assistant coaches’ meeting with the media Thursday on the final day of 2017 minicamp – or at least it was a highlight for me. I asked Jaguars offensive line coach Pat Flaherty if this line would be able to run block, noting that it had struggled in that area in recent seasons. “Oh, we’ll run block – no question,” was his reply. “I’m not stuttering. We will run block.” Flaherty is a tough-looking sort, and on this day he had had lost a tooth coaching. Considering my lack of agility honestly earned by three decades of hops and idleness, I wasn’t about to accuse him of stuttering, but he made his point. Flaherty talking confidently and tough, of course, doesn’t mean the Jaguars will magically be able to run effectively next season, but the focus without question is there. The Jaguars acquired Branden Albert to play left tackle for that reason, and they drafted Cam Robinson from Alabama in part because he has a brawling element that should help in that area. The Jaguars also believe they improved as a run-blocking unit late last season, and the addition of Leonard Fournette – not to mention the addition of Doug Marrone as head coach and Flaherty as offensive line coach – certainly reinforces the idea that this team better run block next season. So, will the Jaguars be able to run block? If not, it won’t be…

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