Leonard Floyd’s concussions raise questions about future – Chicago Bears News

Leonard Floyd’s concussions raise questions about future – Chicago Bears News

Leonard Floyd’s admissions about his concussion issues last season put things in perspective as the Chicago Bears prep for a new season.

Coming into this Chicago Bears season, all eyes are focusing on the development of rising sophomore outside linebacker Leonard Floyd. Thought of by many as arguably the key to the Bears defensive success this year and beyond, Floyd’s progression on the field will be a recurring headline both in training camp and throughout the 2016-2017 season.

But earlier this week, Floyd brought attention to himself for a different reason—one that isn’t likely to encourage Bears fans. No, he didn’t get into trouble with the law. He isn’t battling injuries. And, thank goodness, he hasn’t used any PEDs yet.

But he did open up about his struggles to bounce back from a concussion he sustained last year that kept him out for three games. And the grim story he told raises a lot of questions and concerns about his long-term health and safety.

What Happened?

Floyd suffered two concussions last season, both from inadvertent collisions with teammate Akiem Hicks while trying to make a tackle. Both times, Floyd got the worst of the impact, forcing him from a November 20 game against the New York Giants and the Christmas Eve blowout loss to Washington.

The second impact, in particular, is the one that prompted Floyd to speak up at Halas Hall this week. Apparently, his concussion symptoms then were so severe that he found himself “in a fog” for nearly two months. Via Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times:

“You just don’t feel normal,” Floyd said after mandatory minicamp practice Wednesday….

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