Jordan Mills proving he was worth the second chance – Buffalo Bills News

Jordan Mills proving he was worth the second chance – Buffalo Bills News

According to the Buffalo Bills’ coaching staff and his teammates, Jordan Mills has been having quite the offseason.

When the 2016 season came to an end, pretty much everyone was sure that Jordan Mills would not be a member of the Buffalo Bills‘ offensive line anymore. Fast forward a couple of months and Mills is not only with the team, but the coaching staff likes what they see from him.

I would like to note that I was one of those that doubted his return and even when I heard the news of him being re-signed, I was pledging that it was as a backup — not a starter.

Once the Buffalo Bills drafted Dion Dawkins in the second round, I was sure we found our starting right tackle. Although it’s still uncertain where Dawkins will play Week 1, I feel confident it will be at RT.

I also knew that the competition added with Dawkins could be exactly what Jordan Mills needed to get back on track. In a piece I wrote several months ago, I outlined how Mills was getting a second chance to prove he could be a starter in Buffalo.

Looking at what his teammates and coaches have been saying about the young tackle, he has definitely been doing exactly that — making the most of this second opportunity.

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Buffalo Bills‘ starting center Eric Wood, who is returning from a broken leg, was one of the players that spoke out about how much they like Jordan Mills. Wood recently explained how he put in a good word for Mills to the new coaching staff early in offseason:

“I said, ‘You’re really going to like him,’” Wood said. “All coaches will like coaching Jordan Mills. He does exactly…

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