Jalen Richard is the most elusive RB in the NFL – Oakland Raiders News

Jalen Richard is the most elusive RB in the NFL – Oakland Raiders News

Oakland Raiders running back Jalen Richard proved to be the most elusive back in the NFL in his rookie season.

Most Oakland Raiders fans know that Jalen Richard is not an easy guy to tackle in the open field, but exactly how elusive is he compared to other backs in the NFL? Well, according to Pro Football Focus, Richard was actually the most elusive running back in the NFL in 2016.

Per PFF:

“The Elusive Rating charts missed tackles forced by a running back – either by juking a guy out of his tackle attempt or simply by powering through it – and yards gained after contact.”

This means that not only did Richard break tackles at a high rate, but he also gained a lot of yards after doing so.

Not bad for an undrafted free agent.

His rapid rise was tough to predict. Richard wasn’t even invited to the combine and didn’t help his stock by running a 4.6 second 40-yard dash at 5’8″ 207 pounds at his pro day. But as he showed in his rookie season, Richard has the ability to absolutely stop on a dime.

He uses an efficient juke and cut move at full speed that defenders have a hard time keeping up with. The key is his ability not to lose any speed on his cut and he doesn’t waste steps by dancing around.

Some runners waste too much movement and time making moves and might break the tackle but get caught by other pursuing…

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