Jacoby Brissett has improved with extra reps – New England Patriots News

Jacoby Brissett has improved with extra reps – New England Patriots News

The New England Patriots have wrapped up their OTAs, and one player was able to get some extra work because of an injury.

As the New England Patriots prepare to repeat as Super Bowl Champions, they just recently wrapped up their OTAs.

Last season, the  Patriots were forced to use three starting quarterbacks in the regular season. Due to the suspension of Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo was asked to become the starter.

Garoppolo played very well in this role, but he only lasted a game and a half before he was injured. When Garoppolo went down, the Patriots turned to Jacoby Brissett as the new starting quarterback.

Brissett was able to lead the Patriots to a 1-1 record as a starter, which is very good for a third string quarterback. However, Brissett has a lot of work to do to improve.

In OTAs this year, Garoppolo has been battling a leg injury which has resulted in more reps for Brissett. So far, he is making the most of them.

“I can tell he’s working hard,” Amendola said to Phil Perry of CSNNE.com, “and he’s getting better every day. He’s so young, and he has a long way to go. But we’re all really happy to have him, and he does a good job, especially for a young guy.”

“He’s learning man. He’s learning,” Amendola said to Perry. “I think once he feels and learns the groove of year-in-year-out professionalism, that’s where you see guys grow the most. He’s learning, man. He just needs time. He’s doing well.”

As shown last season, even a third string player like Brissett has to be prepared to play if his number is called. Even though Brissett won a game last season, he still has a lot of room to…

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