Is Marlon Humphrey better suited on the outside or in the slot? – Baltimroe Ravens News

Is Marlon Humphrey better suited on the outside or in the slot? – Baltimroe Ravens News

Where is first round pick Marlon Humphrey better suited for the Ravens, on the outside or in the slot?

The Baltimore Ravens drafted cornerback Marlon Humphrey with high expectations in the first round of the NFL draft. The pick was kind of a surprise to a lot of experts, but with the top three wide receivers gone, cornerback was another big need.

Cornerback was been an injury that’s plagued the Ravens for seasons. They always deal with a number of injuries at the position. Last season it was Jimmy Smith’s ankle and now it’s Tavon Young’s knee.

With Young out, does this open the door for Humphrey? If so, does he suit better in the slot or on the outside?

When you watch Marlon Humphrey play, the first thing that screams at you is his physicality. Right off the line he is not afraid to be physical with the receiver he’s covering

If you watch Alabama’s NCAA playoff semifinal against Washington, you see Humphrey matched up on John Ross most of the game. Humphrey locked him down most of the game and Ross was held to just 28 receiving yards. Ross caught for over 1,000 yards last season and was a top-10 pick in this year’s draft. He’s not just your average receiver.

It’s not just the physicality in the pass game, Humphrey pursues the run unlike a lot of cornerback. He’s a very good tackler who wants to go and hit the ball carrier.

Better suited on the outside

As long as Jimmy Smith is healthy, he will be the #1 corner. I think Brandon Carr will be the #2 corner given his experience. This leaves Boykin to work in the slot, which is why the Ravens brought him in after Young’s injury. Lardarius Webb could even work…

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