How deep is this Dallas Cowboys secondary? – Dallas Cowboys News

How deep is this Dallas Cowboys secondary? – Dallas Cowboys News

After years of overhauling the offense, the last few years have gone a long way towards improving a historically underperforming Dallas Cowboys secondary.

The year was 1998. That was the last time the Dallas Cowboys had a truly great secondary.

Cornerback Deion Sanders was still in his prime.  Even at age 31, Sanders was a First-Team All-Pro with five interceptions, returning one for touchdown.  Safety Darren Woodson earned a Pro-Bowl selection with 78 tackles, three sacks and an interception.

Alongside those two greats, were another complimentary player that filled his role perfectly.

Kevin Mathis was a turnover magnet producing two interceptions, forcing two fumbles and recovering four other fumbles.

As a result, the defense put the team in position to win their last division title of the Nineties.  The Cowboys were able to hold teams under 14 points in nine games.  That was good enough to make the third best scoring defense.  The pass defense, specifically, did well enough to allow just a 76.3 quarterback rating.

Since that time, the Cowboys have had some talented players in the defensive backfield but never a group like that.

Dallas has tried the draft, using three top ten overall picks on guys like Terence Newman, Roy Williams and Morris Claiborne.  They have opened up the checkbook in free agency for guys like Brandon Carr.

Unfortunately, none of it has seemed to result in any type of success, be it short-term or sustainable.

This upcoming season, however, could very well be the start of something special in the defensive backfield.

The Dallas Cowboys have made it a point to stockpile talent through the draft at…

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